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By switching to RentBase, you will get the essential tools you need to ensure your property management team remains productive while saving thousands of dollars every year.
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Custom Management Backend
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Monthly Bug & Workflow Monitoring

Bug Fixes - Max 2 /mo

Software Updates - $200 /update

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Save $499.89 annually
Custom Backend & Hosting
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Weekly Bugs & Workflow Monitoring

Bug Fixes - Max 4 /mo

Discounted Update Cost - $120 /update

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Setup, hosting & priority management
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Daily Bug & Workflow Monitoring

Bug Fixes - Unlimited

Software Updates - Free

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A low & reasonable one-time setup fee based on your needs.

The basic setup includes all the necessary features you need to seamlessly run your operations, but you can always opt to add additional features for a extra charge.

The setup fee starts at:

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A Complete Set of Features:

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Find answers to frequently asked questions below

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How does the "14-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed" work?

The short answer - We will provide you a full refund if you choose to go another way during the first 14 days. Our 14-day trial is broken into 2 sections: 7-days pre-production & 7-days post-production.

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What happens if I choose a lower plan & reach the maximum bug submission within a month?

Once you've reach the maximum number of bug submissions, you will still be able to submit any additional bugs that you encounter. Any bugs submitted past the limit will cost $20 per submission.

Do internal feature issues count towards the "bug fixes" submission limit?

The internal features are guaranteed therefore we do not count them towards your limit. For issues you encounter within the internal system, please reach out to us through email - for help.

Visit our FAQ Page for more